Thursday, September 18, 2008

[UFO Replies] SHINee

ooh minho really love their fans..
and i like onew's smile and voive too^^

1. fanpost: you're body movement makes me smile brightly ^^* the title 'sexy' belongs to the name kimkibum^^*
key: thankyou. ^^ have a good day today!

2. fanpost: hey minho^^* i have a wish, it is that you will be happy^^*
minho: i have a wish too~ that all our fans will always be happy!

3. fanpost: even if the whole world was given to me, my heart for you will never change^^* onew is the best^^*
onew: thankyou so much T-T^^

4. fanpost: my wish is that you guys never hurt, i would like for you guys to be always healthy^^*
minho: i also wish all the fans will never hurt and will always be healthy~~ everyday hwaiting!

5. fanpost: your soft voice makes my heart comfortable/at ease^^* the beautiful smile of onew^^*
onew: ah... thankyou^^ if you smile you will be blessed~^^

6. fanpost: hey onew^^ become the best leader out of everyone^^ always using the dongsengs (younger members)^^ always have strength
onew: thankyou^^ hahaha

7. fanpost: i always want to have faith in you^^* you guys are with me, you cant leave because youre my existence^^*
minho: i also want to believe~ if all you fans were not with me i couldnt exist....


DBSKsleeplessNights said...

Hello... nice site BTW~~

can i ask for help.. Tulong~~ where do i need to embed the CBOX thingy

where excatly in teh HTML>>?

faithstar said...

[with reference to]

Please do not redistribute videos by shineesubs in any form. It was written very clearly in the rules in Please take out the download links from your blog now. And dont do the same again...

-, on behalf of all staff -

Rain said...

Just found the site ^^

I love SHINnee too!