Thursday, September 18, 2008

[UFO Replies] SHINee

ooh minho really love their fans..
and i like onew's smile and voive too^^

1. fanpost: you're body movement makes me smile brightly ^^* the title 'sexy' belongs to the name kimkibum^^*
key: thankyou. ^^ have a good day today!

2. fanpost: hey minho^^* i have a wish, it is that you will be happy^^*
minho: i have a wish too~ that all our fans will always be happy!

3. fanpost: even if the whole world was given to me, my heart for you will never change^^* onew is the best^^*
onew: thankyou so much T-T^^

4. fanpost: my wish is that you guys never hurt, i would like for you guys to be always healthy^^*
minho: i also wish all the fans will never hurt and will always be healthy~~ everyday hwaiting!

5. fanpost: your soft voice makes my heart comfortable/at ease^^* the beautiful smile of onew^^*
onew: ah... thankyou^^ if you smile you will be blessed~^^

6. fanpost: hey onew^^ become the best leader out of everyone^^ always using the dongsengs (younger members)^^ always have strength
onew: thankyou^^ hahaha

7. fanpost: i always want to have faith in you^^* you guys are with me, you cant leave because youre my existence^^*
minho: i also want to believe~ if all you fans were not with me i couldnt exist....

[Photos]Taemin with All Wonderboys-SHINee

taemin really cute here!!


[Photos]080917 SHINee at JeonJu Vision University 32nd Anniversary Celebration

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Credit: SHINee Forums+bestiz+iSUJU+xsimpleNsweetx@soompi

[Videos+Photos]080917 SHINee at FM Inkigayo Radio-SHINee

here the videos:

080917 SHINee Love's Way
i love onew voice!!!
n of course minho's rap kekekek
key too..
ah i love all hahahah


080917 SHINee Love Like Oxygen
oh n dance here..
i like the dance actually..


080917 SHINee Girls Generation+Balloons+Rokkugo Noraebang


080917 SoYooJin's Radio : Minho's Rap - Psychedelic Forest
my o in love with this lil guy..
can i??can i??
i love love love "ssssttt" part!!
he's soooooo sexy!!


and here some photos^^

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

[Photos] SHINee at Incheon Airport-SHINee

they're back to Korea after Shanghai SM Concert

jonghyun looks cool here

credits: as tagged+soompi