Tuesday, November 11, 2008

[IPLE] 081110 Minho & Taemin Iple Updates-SHINee

I am SHINee's Flaming Charisma Minho!
The weather has gotten very cold.
I'm curious on how you guys are doing.
Are you always listening to Amigo~ Even now?
SHINee is working hard these days
to show a special appearance to you guys.
Are you curious? A little?
I am nervous and anticipating that day...
If you wait a little...you will be able to see it.
In order to become shining SHINee we will continue to work hard.
SHINee is always working hard to meet you guys.
Just like on the day we first met,
i am working hard with the same heart.
Opposite of the cold weather, continue to cheer for SHINee with your warm hearts.
Everyone...!!! You guys know i am always thankful, right?

I am SHINee's youngest Taemin~
Was the fansign fun yesterday?
I had lots of fun~~
It was fun because its been a while since we had one~
I know there was people who couldn't come.
Its sad but i hope we can meet at the next fansign.
At the fansign or when i read your stories on the homepage,
i noticed a lot of people caught the cold since the weather has gotten very cold...
So there is something i want to say to you~~
Dress warmly...
What do you do if you catch a cold? Rest at home~!!!
You guys know, right?
We SHINee will continue to perform with Amigo.
Sing along with Amigo and continue to love it a lot~!!!
Oh yea!! Don't forget to listen to Replay and Love Like Oxygen too~!!
You guys have to make SHINee laugh~!!
SHINee will work hard.
Lastly, everyone!!! Becareful of colds!! ^^
Bye Bye2

Translation credits: sanbi
credits: shinee.iple.com + SHINee Forums
shared by: petiiil@soompi + shineelovesme


Hitomi said...

I was just wondering...
I can't access any of the iple sites..

no idea why....

currently living in Thailand...

도와주세요 ㅠ_ㅠ

Kris said...

ok taemin...=)